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Amin Shams

Alex James Dowd

November 15, 1987 - February 15, 2021

We've created this memorial page to honor the life of Alex James Dowd. Please feel free to share your photos, memories, and stories. Alex was truly loved by so many. From his close family & friends, to his extended colorguard and drum corps family, we're all grieving his loss. May he rest in...  see more

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  • Paul Masse
  • Matt Winans
  • Derrick Donaldson
  • Teresa Pachniak
    Photo is from 2005, end of tour. Our Angel. #444
  • Adley Donaldson
  • Jennifer Salazar
    My heart aches, in this world full of hatred is unfortunate we lost a beautiful soul, never will forget your sweet smile that captivated and transmitted pure joy. Alex until we meet again, my sincerest sympathy for the family.
  • Nicholas Kenyon
  • Darius Wactor
  • Pam Owens
  • Daniel Kington
  • Ashley Montano
  • emma ortiz
  • Andrea Hrycyshyn
  • Shyanne Kington
  • Dawn Trapani-Flores
  • Ash Leigh
    So handsome...I miss you so much Alex
  • Ash Leigh
  • Victor Anthony
  • Tieshia Woodard
    I love you Alex.. I am still in total shock until we meet again boothang rest easy❤️🙏🏾😔
  • Jasmine Davis
  • Giovanni Bonelli
  • Leonardo Del Boccio
    Alex.... my heart is broken knowing you are gone. You are going to be missed so much. This void you are leaving behind. Only you can fill it.
  • Revaz Grigolidze
  • Matt Dandy
  • Kaitlyn George
  • Alejandra Bhavapuram
  • Michael James
  • Gemma Perez
    The larger than life Alex we all knew and loved. These were the days we used to hang out at FIU parking lots and you would just spin and spin and spin 💖
  • Joselene Remy
    I love you so much Alex! I haven’t stopped crying since I heard the news. You will live in my heart forever! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Leonardo Del Boccio
  • Whitney Stone
    You were such a bright light, Alex. We miss you so much already. You are always and forever in my heart and “in my mind.” 💜
  • Cristina Sanlate
  • Cristina Sanlate
  • Sean  Ford
  • Emily Goldstein
  • Anthony Natale
  • Amin Shams
  • Amin Shams
  • Brian Thorp
  • Jacqueline Llanos
    Alex, your smile touched countless hearts.
  • Amin Shams
  • Jacqueline Llanos