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Kristy Ollendorff

Albert R Feers

September 10, 1920 - June 06, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Albert R. Feers by contributing to this lasting memorial and sharing stories, memories, and photos. Share this memorial with family and friends. While there will be no public memorial service, we want all of Al's friends, family and students to be able to share their...  see more

Al Feers   A Tribute to the Kindest and Smartest Man I Have Ever Known      Al was born in Iowa on September 10, 1920 but raised in Southern California.  His father was unique in being an M.D., D.V.M., and chiropractor, all at the same time.  His mom was a homemaker.     At the time Al was a kid, his father was primarily involved in his veterinary practice, so Al was surrounded by animals, and thereby planning for a career as a...  see more
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