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Abigail Rose Fiala

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Abigail Rose Fiala. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Abby, an incredible and inspiring woman in so many ways, has left a sparkling mark on this world and all those who knew her. She lives on through her mother Ruth, her father Ron, her brother Chris, her sister-in-law Marie, and all of her loving and dear friends and family who supported her throughout her life. As we are all so heartbroken over Abby‘s shortened life, please share stories and photos of your memories and love here to...  see more
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  • Rammi C
  • Laura Rosenthal
    Adding some family photos. ❤
  • Cassy Gardner
    As, Marie's "Book Club Family", we didn't know Abby well, but we have loved and appreciated stories of Abby and her eyeliner. For me personally, she made me more aware, sensitive, and supportive. Her story helped make me a better person, and I think Book...  more
  • Laura Rosenthal
    Warm memories of cousins and our young families together once a year or so to have the most fun we can. The times we spent together are priceless, the bonds lasting to this day. Your sweet little face rounded out the gang pf cousins perfectly. As you...  more
  • Steven Kelleher
    Not necessarily a comfort, but a beautiful truth. :
    To Love What Death Can Touch
    ‘Tis a fearful thing
    to love what death can touch.
    A fearful thing
    to love, to hope, to dream, to be –
    to be,
    And oh, to lose.
    A thing for fools, this,
    And a holy...  more
  • Steven Kelleher
    I so miss this darling soul. The sharp mind, the creative eye, the sweet heart; goodbye Abby. Rest In Peace. Love you.
  • Dina Toomey
    More memories of you <3
  • Dina Toomey
  • Dina Toomey

    It has been about two weeks since I found out you had left the planet, and it is true, it does not get any easier. I pray that you are now at peace, and I pray that somehow and some way your family and friends may somehow find some sort of peace...  more
  • Eryca  Sender
    I was absolutely devastated when I saw on Instagram that Abby had passed. We hadn’t really been in touch besides social media in many years, and I’m so sorry I never got to know her as Abby, as she really seemed to blossom into herself these last few...  more
  • Amelie Simmons
    I had the privilege of not only working with Abby in a professional level in the lab, but knowing her as both Greg and Abby.
    She was an amazing worker, an asset to Microbiology as well as the Pathology department. She was a major key person that helped...  more
    • Amelie Simmons
      Erin Wert Been thinking of all the people who knew her in the lab. I met some of her coworkers while I worked in the ICU, and everyone was so nice. She loved her job, and we loved talking about poop
    • Amelie Simmons
      Amelie Simmons Erin, I first met Abby when Ruth brought her to the lab after graduation. Greg wanted to see if this is what he wanted to do as a potential career. I showed him Hematology. I was thinking, I hope he decides to become one of us and work here. If he's...  more
      • September 8, 2020
  • Maureen Donohoe
    Dear Abby, I never had the opportunity to meet you but I knew your mom from MDA/EL PORTAL Camps in the late 70’s. I have wonderful memories of your mom singing harmony around the campfires. Her spirit was guided by kindness and I knew she would make a...  more
  • Erin Wert
    I knew Abby for 8 years. There were a lot of memories and photos and messages and notes to go through, but it's been bringing me comfort and clarity in the past week to do so. This post has many of the over 300 photos I've found on my phone and on...  more
    Abigail Rose Fiala
  • Raquel Aragon
    Abby, over the last week I’ve been going through all our pictures from over the years and I’m so grateful to have had a friend like you. I remember you caught my eye my freshman year in marching band not just because I thought you were cute, but...  more
    SAMOHI Percussion Ensemble Concert 2008 - YouTube
  • Gary Fiala
    I’m certainly not the first person to compare someone’s life to a candle, but my nephew Abby was a wonderful candle whose flame glowed brightly and added to all the other lights of the family hearth.

    What great times we had at Bak & Grandpa’s...  more
  • Jess Cibrian
    Dear Abby, a couple of hours ago marked a week that I found out about your passing. It hurts me so much because you were just starting to be who you truly were Abigail Rose. No more lying or pretending to be a person you never truly were comfortable...  more
  • Diana Fiala
    Dear Abby,

    We gave this bracelet to you when we had the pleasure of meeting the new you, Abby Rose. May your journey continue.
    I can barely write this without getting choked up but I know we will see you again. Miss you, Dee Dee
  • Nancy Gomez
    I had the honor and privilege of being a coworker and friend to Abby.

    She was well trusted and respected in the lab where we worked, as the quality of work she brought was exceptional.

    I am grateful for her giving us the opportunity to witness her...  more
  • Jess Cibrian
    On behalf of the CSU Dominguez Hills Anthropology Club I would like to share a few words and condolences that student members and some of our professors would like to say to Abby who left this world too soon.

    It is with great hurt that we say goodbye...  more
  • Kaci Burrow
    Words have been incredibly hard to come by the last few days. What do you say about someone whom you loved so dearly & who caused you the most heartache & pain?

    I keep coming back to the importance Abby had in my life. If it weren’t for her, I...  more
  • Ann Rosenthal
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  • Ann Rosenthal
    Oh dear. It will only do a few at a time. Sorry for all the posts this is going to be.
  • Ann Rosenthal
    Oh Abby I miss you. I am sorry you lost your battle. We shared that battle for awhile and I treasure the closeness we had. I have a bunch of pictures. Many more are of Greg than you because you were Greg longer. I hope everyone will be patient, I just...  more
  • Zhila Norouz
    My name is Zhila and I used to be Abby 's teacher for a year or two .
    Dear Abby I remember you pretty well .You were one happy ,curious and creative child. I enjoyed watching you doing all different kinds of things and being very content. The ...  more
  • Ron Fiala
    My dearest Abby
    I am so saddened by your leaving us so soon. I will really miss going on camping trips with you. You were always so comfortable and competent in the wilderness. I will also miss your climbing. You were a natural from the first time you...  more
  • Barbara Olinger
    Here is another photo from camping with Ron and LeRoy, back in the day. Love to all the Fialas 💗
  • Barbara Olinger
    We love you Abby and cherish all the countless times ofcelebrating life together.
  • Hannah Choo
    You were beautiful inside and out. I’m so happy you were part of my life. I wish I could have done more. Rest easy, Abby. Thank you for your friendship.
  • Jess Cibrian
    To start off i would like to share a little youtube video where I share some of the little moments Abby and I shared together.

    To Abby,

    Abby, what else can I say but thank you for the time you allowed me to be with you. Thank you for all of our first...  more
    • Jess Cibrian
      Barbara Olinger Jessica- I haven't had the chance to meet you but I wanted to say thank you for helping Abby feel loved and cherished and supported on her journey to be fully who she was. Your time together was short but not in terms of the love you felt and my heart...  more
    • Jess Cibrian
      Ann Rosenthal Thank you for this video.
    • Jess Cibrian
      Georgette Murakami Thank you, Jess for posting the video. It was beautiful & Abby looked so happy. Addiction is such a horrible disease to overcome but I'm glad you were there for her.
  • Kat Allison
    Sharing our love for the outdoors with you was wonderful. Your new found knowledge of primitive fire making being passed along to Bruce, even though it didn’t stick, was a moment to remember.
  • Jk Fiala-Watson
  • Ruth Fiala
  • Ruth Fiala
  • Ruth Fiala
    I was blessed to have you as both a son and a daughter. I love you.
  • Marie Fiala
  • Marie Fiala
  • Chris Fiala
    The beginning of the love for all things Disney
  • Chris Fiala
    Simpler times