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We All Miss You (Arya Sunkara)

Aarush Agrawal

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Aarush Agrawal. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will post invites. Remember to RSVP to help us plan. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Aarush Agrawal was a extremely close friend of ours, whose death came as an utter shock. Despite what people may say, I will always remember Aarush as a great friend, passionate student and a person who had a great future ahead. We all grieve and remorse indifferent ways but Aarush shall always have a place in our hearts and this memorial is to show that. We hope that wherever he is, he is happy and at peace.
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  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)
    Aarush this video is from all of us. It shows just how much we miss you.
  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)
    Aarush was a close friend of mine since we met in grade 6. I had 4 best friends in 6th grade and Aarush was one of them. He is funny and smart. He liked to take challenges and was very trustable. Although, later on we were separated to different...  more
  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)
  • Samhita  Mukherjee
    Aarush was the kind of person that would light up the room instantly, I was seated next to him for a month and I quickly realised that his humour, his intelligence and his impeccable ability to make people around him laugh was incredible. R.I.P Aarush
  • Deekshitha D
    Though We never really talked, I could tell he was a good friend and student, He had been there for his friends and always made others laugh. Aarush treated everyone with kindness. It is devastating to hear such news. You will be missed. R.I.P Aarush Agrawal.
  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)
  • Santosh Thumu
    I met Aarush in 7th grade though we didn’t know each other that much then he was a kind hearted person. When we went on to 8th grade I became close with Aarush and also did my community project with him. When ever he is around you know everyone will be...  more
  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)
    When I first met Aarush, it was in the Hindi class of grade 6. He was one of the smartest kids and the only person entrusted with the projector controls. Then when he shifter to our class in 7th I remember almost instantly befriending him so much so that...  more
  • Shreeya V
    Aarush was an amazing person overall. He was one of my greatest friends no matter what. We weren't that close as if we were BFFs or whatnot but every day with him was a blast at school. I can't imagine what anything is going to be like without him. He...  more
  • Mitansh Shringi
    Aarush was one of my closest friends and was an amazing person. We went to Pune together for a basketball competition and had the time of our life. I remember everyday in Pune we used to make a mess of our room and eat hell lot of food. I can never...  more
  • Anish Raja
    I've known Aarush for half my life.. we've always bickered and bantered with each other. I remember that on this trip we went on we always fought about who got the charger port. He was such a fun, likeable person that I have always looked up to.. and its...  more
  • Varenya
    I remember having to sit next to him and thinking "Oh god" But later that day we just started talking more and sooner or later became friends. We use to play this funny game where I would put ink on his arm and he would draw on mine. By the...  more
  • We All  Miss You (Arya Sunkara)