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Custom Temporary Tattoos to Keep Loved Ones Close

  • Gone are the days when we wore clothing or shaved our heads to honor a loved one and to tell the world that we are grieving. But expressing the loss remains a very human need. Many people get tattoos to serve as lasting reminders of a loved one that died. A permanent tattoo may not be your thing, but a temporary tattoo may be the answer.  It can represent feelings and thoughts that often cannot be put into words. When people see tattoos, they often ask about them, so it provides an organic way to share a story about your loved one.


    Temporary tattoos make great gifts for grieving friends. They provide support or a memory, or even a reminder of a funny or uplifting story that can help with the healing process.  Tattoos offer a reflection of how our lives were impacted by the person we lost. And in the midst of grief, tattoos can be a portable memorial that you can touch and feel.


    Whether it’s the loss of a parent, child, spouse, friend, or a pet, tattoos can bring us love, joy, and comfort. Support friends who are grieving with this meaningful, poignant, and even whimsical statement



    Ideas for custom temporary tattoos:


    Phrase or favorite quote  


    In loving memory of (name)

    Your wings were ready, but I was not

    She lived and laughed, she loved and left

    Forever loved forever missed

    We part only to meet again

    Our memories make me stronger

    I may not see you, but I can feel you

    She’s gone, but she’s everywhere

    We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness

    The ones that love us never really leave us

    I will carry you with me till I see you again

    And Still I Rise (this is a great one to send to a friend who’s struggling with grief)



    The loss of a pet can be devastating and an often overlooked event. A tattoo with a picture of their dog or cat can be an especially heartwarming gift for a grieving friend.


    flying birds, stars, heart, tree, flower, rainbow, family crest or symbol


    When to wear a temporary tattoo 

    • At a celebration of life: print a whole batch and share with all the attendees. You can even create a ceremony around putting them on. And this is a great way to involve kids.
    • Anniversary of death
    • Birthday
    • Other Special day you shared
    • Anytime you want a tangible reminder of your loved one.




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