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Growing up I used to spend weeks of my summer with Aunt Rhonda. I remember her telling us so many stories. She was always a giver. I can’t count on one hand just how many midnight trips to Walmart, pranks, wine coolers, laughs, endless adventures and love she brought into my childhood. She was the Aunt I pray I will be. I will never forget the day she came to my house, while I tried my wedding dress and she told me that I reminded her of Aunt Renee. I have always spoke what was on my mind and sometimes that can get me in trouble but I can hear her in my head saying youngin’ just hush. I feel like it was yesterday that we jumped in her Kia and hit the road. You were my God Mother, My Aunt and My comfort. I can promise you that I will watch over Jolene, Josh and the Kids.. They will forever have me. Never good bye but see you late! I hope you have Dolly Parton as load as can be on the radio and you’re dancing away in heaven!!