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We take care of planning, coordinate logistics & simplify the technology, so you can be present and receive support from family & friends. Unlike a one-way livestream, in a GatheringUs virtual event guests can share stories to honor and celebrate your loved one.

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“My grief is lighter today knowing that the memorial service would have made her proud. We literally could not have pulled this off without you!”

- Tangie C.

Join the 100,000 people who have gathered with their communities to celebrate the life of their loved ones

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    Our caring and experienced team is with you every step of the way

“You made something so painfully impossible possible”

- Melissa T.

Be present in the moment

Our goal is to help you create an inspiring and personal event that meets your vision

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    Your dedicated event planner will guide you in creating a custom program that may include speakers, celebrants, clergy, musicians, and singers. We will offer suggestions on how to structure the flow, incorporate personal elements, cultural and family customs, traditions, and religion, and how to connect in-person gatherings with virtual guests.

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    Event Facilitation

    You're not alone. We'll be there to begin the service, guide presenters, play slideshows, videos, music, and facilitate public share of memories and stories. The GatheringUs facilitator will provide instructions on navigating the technology and provide the phone number for the GatheringUs Tech Support Hotline for guests who need help.

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    Technical Support

    We make sure all the speakers can log into the event on Zoom, check their microphone, camera, and lighting to ensure we can hear and see them. We work with you to connect audiovisual systems, determine the optimal position and settings for cameras, microphones. We can work with most hybrid events, and no additional equipment is required.

Connecting Everyone In-Person & Virtually with Easy User-Friendly Technology

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What Families Are Saying

“I have had multiple people reach out and express that this was the most affecting and 'connected' experience they had with any memorial.”

– Dani A.


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GatheringUs is now part of Keeper Memorials

Learn more here

Honoring a life together is one of the most meaningful and transformative things we can do. Connecting to our communities on memorial sites helps keep them present with us and ease the loss. Ceremonies, rituals, and personal tributes posted on online memorial websites can sustain us while navigating this difficult time.

At GatheringUs we aim to support and strengthen communities long after the online memorial service.