test event 1

  • Event Date
    Tue Oct 19, 2021 - Tue Oct 19, 2021
  • Event Time
    08:00 - 09:00 US/Eastern
  • Created by
    Vishalika Singh

GatheringUs Virtual

  • Zoom link
  • Meeting ID
  • Passcode
  • Attend by phone without video
  • Before the event

    * Go to to download the latest version of Zoom.

    * To familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your audio/video connection before the event, join a test meeting here.

  • During the event

    * Guests are muted upon entry. Speakers will be unmuted by the hosts when it’s their turn to speak.

    * There are 2 view options, ‘Speaker’ and ‘Gallery.’ The Speaker is the main view and your screen will default to this view each time there is a new presenter. You can switch to the Gallery view by pressing on “gallery” on the top right-hand corner of your screen. If you are on a mobile device, you can swipe to the left to change the view. For tablets and Ipads, the "Switch to Gallery View” button is on the top of your screen.

    * The service will be recorded, so a few days after the event, you can view it here.