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Tim Underwood

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Tim Underwood. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer his family great comfort. Click on the heart to let them know you were here. Thank you for contributing to this memorial.

Tim Underwood, Technical Lead in the Commercial Solutions team, joined BSI in August 2013 and was a key member of the team who drove the technical stabilization of the Entropy V5 platform, created the BSI Assurance Portal, and acted as a key architect of our emerging BSI Connect strategy. Tim will be very much missed by all his colleagues who knew him as a world traveller (with one very light bag), an avid photographer, and a master...  see more
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  • Blair Leduc
  • Mark Von Der Linn
    Tim hired me almost 6 years ago. The interview was actually a bit enjoyable because he kept it informal, getting the info he needed by just having a conversation. Tim was willing to be unorthodox, which I always appreciated. We worked in the same office...  more