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Tony Drake

Peter Darke Hexton NSW

January 01, 1923 - December 01, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Peter Darke, of Hexton, New South Wales.

Peter received his schooling at Queen Mary High School Gainsborough, UK, and then at the University of London. Peter taught science to many generations of schoolchildren in both England and Australia. He served as a lieutenant (later promoted to major) in World War 2, arriving in France in the Normandy Landings and fighting all the way to Germany. In retirement he took up prison visiting, and helped and mentored many inmates. A...  see more
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  • Jimbo Smith
    Happy Birthday, Pete. God bless. j
  • Adam Drake
    My cousin Peter Drake will be keenly missed by his family and all his students. Chemistry and science teachers are a rare breed and Peter certainly lived up to the reputation they have. At Queen Elizabeth High School, many years ago, he gained a...  more
  • Adam Drake
    Uncle Peter Drake was a man of great integrity. His love of life was rivalled by none. As a teacher of chemistry and science he excelled. I never got to visit him in Hexham but I wish I had. May he rest in peace
  • Mick Northumberland
    Peter-Drake - teacher, Hexham stalwart, soldier, musician. What a man. I still treasure a newspaper clipping about the time that Peter met Her Majesty (Queen Elizabeth). They were both pictured giggling away ... I wonder what about? God bless, Peter...  more
  • Tony Drake
    "Uncle Binky" (Peter Drake) was one of the last of a special breed. He was officially a science-teacher and chemistry-teacher, but he was really a source of all kinds of knowledge. Just a "teacher" of everything, really. What a shame...  more
  • Erica  Thrush
    Peter Drake taught me science in lower school and chemistry when I was older. He was inspiring if rather unorthodox. He would make us all smile broadly as he did the register because it took negativity and banned from the classroom. He was right.
  • Adam Drake
    • Adam Drake
      Adam Drake You are right Erica. Peter Drake had the outlook that made learning fun. All those from Queen Elizabeth High School will attest to that. Chemistry and Science never seemed so much fun. Hexham will struggle to replace him
      • December 28, 2021