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Funeral Expenses & Support the family.

The money will be use for Funeral Expenses & Family support.

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Marisol Macallum

Alma Rodriguez

November 10, 1979 - July 31, 2020

We created a Gathering Us memorial to Alma Rodriguez that die on 07/31/2020 of coviD19 we will like for everyone that's reading this can help out the Rodriguez family with anything at this point can help in this situation to this family that lost there mother&grandmother&brother Due to the coviD19. Thank you...  see more

Alma Rodriguez who just of coviD19 will never forgotten she was and amazing woman that love her three kids and husbend she was a happy person that always was talking and laughing having a good moment with family and friend.Theres not much to  say at this moment but if you reading this thank you and please share & post thanks once again.
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