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How to Deal with Mosquitoes at Outdoor Weddings

  • May 19, 2020 4:49 AM EDT

    You have chosen the astronomical sphere ring as your wedding ring, and then you want to host a special outdoor wedding. Choose to hold an outdoor wedding in the warm summer season, although the temperature and scenery are beautiful, but the mosquitoes flying around will be unpleasant. Once the sun sets, these biting bugs will inevitably break into your wedding and destroy the guests' interest. Here are a few mosquito precautions, don't let your guests take it silently.


    1. Away from mosquitoes


    Mosquitoes like still water, tall grass and dense leaves. When you first visit the venue, find out where these are easily bitten by mosquitoes and then host a reception as far as possible. If you can't escape this environment, take steps to prevent the breeding of bugs on the wedding day. For example, you can fill a puddle, trim tall grass, and remove piles of leaves and debris.


    2. Decorate flowers that can repel mosquitoes


    Some flowers, such as marigold and lavender, have a mosquito repellent effect. Let your florist combine these flowers into the decoration center and decorate the flowers in all corners of the wedding. Place a bunch on the guest's table and place as many as possible in the aisle.


    3. Place the torch


    The torch not only adds a tropical atmosphere to your wedding, but also repels mosquitoes. Put some around your dance floor and reception, pay attention to the safety of the torch and avoid fire. And remember, the torch can only eliminate the mosquitoes around it, but it can't help the mosquitoes that are far away from it.


    4. Homemade scented candles


    Make your own scented candles to repel mosquitoes. You can find tutorials online, most of which require simple materials such as glass containers, waxes, wicks, and aromatherapy oils. If you put the candles in a cute jar or retro bottle, they can blend seamlessly into your desktop decoration.


    5. Spraying pesticides


    Help guests spray insecticides. Put some pesticide bottles near the bathroom sink, or spread them throughout the reception or on the table. Or, when the sun starts to go down, you can distribute the pesticide bottle as a wedding gift.


    6. Prepare the fan


    If it's on a warm summer night, put a few more fans around the venue, the fans will not only keep the guests cool, but they will also blow away the bugs. If the venue does not have a ceiling fan, you can put some smaller floor fans, or you can distribute the beautiful hand-held fans.


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