• Death certificate basics

    Death certificate basics

    Posted December 11, 2018

      What happens when someone dies can take many different forms — religious funeral or secular? Open-casket memorial or closed? Small, family-only gathering or one open to the community? Formal obituary, or heartfelt, or funny? Traditional burial, or green burial, or cremation? However ...

  • Five Lessons from an 80's themed Celebration of Life

    Five Lessons from an 80's themed Celebration of Life

    Posted December 4, 2018

      Author: Christina Andreola is the founder of New Narrative Memorials, an event planning company dedicated to planning and managing the details of End of Life events. Christina works with families to determine event details and then takes the lead in communicating with venues, caterers, flo...

  • Six Tactics for Working through Grief

    Six Tactics for Working through Grief

    Posted November 27, 2018

    A frenzy of activity tends to follow immediately after someone dies: planning or attending a memorial, preparing an obituary or eulogy, and dealing with various logistical issues. But after the funeral, what comes next? Grief can feel overwhelming—like too much to deal with, or like you don'...

  • When Thanksgiving Reminds You Of The People Who Won't Be There

    When Thanksgiving Reminds You Of The People Who Won't Be There

    Posted November 20, 2018

      Author: Rachel Garrett is a Career and Leadership Coach with a mission to get more women into positions of power. Through 1:1 coaching, workshops and online programs, she supports women in up-leveling their leadership skills, ditching impostor syndrome, mastering the work-life ju...

  • Ten tips for talking to kids about death

    Ten tips for talking to kids about death

    Posted November 6, 2018

    Death and grief are difficult concepts for everyone and we each go through a different process. Kids also have their individual responses and they can surprise you with their directness. A few tips on how to talk to kids about death:   1) Say that s/he died. Listen, answer qu...

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    6 ideas for personalizing a funeral & commemorating a legacy

    Posted November 6, 2018

    When planning a funeral or memorial, it helps to spend time thinking about our loved ones and things that are personally meaningful. A few ways to personalize a funeral or memorial:   Photo slideshow Music playlist with their favorite or meaningful music Display their artwo...

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    The 5 Guidelines of a Eulogy

    Posted September 25, 2018

    1: Tell a story 2: Make it meaningful 3: Not too meaningful 4: Make it personal, but not necessarily to your person 5: Be respectful— a Eulogy is not a roast   So you’ve been tasked with writing a Eulogy?  You have earned the challenging honor of standing up in front of a...

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    Why GatheringUs?

    Posted June 19, 2018

    Welcome to the GatheringUs blog, where we go through the nuances and details of preparing to celebrate the life of your loved one. Here, we drill down on particular topics, such as writing the obituary, personalizing the ceremony and eulogy, choosing the venue, and the challenges of family politics....